Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Safe and secure at campus? Yea I don't think so.

A week ago there was a shooting at the college I go to. Someone died.

It's not really a college per se, but an extended campus. The college itself is in another state some fifty miles away, but they have various single building campuses around the area. I take all my classes at one of those single building campuses.

We have a high population of illegal (and legal) immigrants in this area, but quite honestly I haven't heard of any problems because of this. Sure the less honest of them will suck resources from our welfare system, but your average scumbag white guy does that as well. Scumbaggery has nothing to do with race. In fact the only problems I have heard are about punk white kids causing the migrant workers problems.

There is not really a large gang problem here. Oh sure we have the little punk white kids that think they are all OG, but I'll bet you odds that if you dropped them into the inner city somewhere in gangland they would cry like babies and head straight to the nearst way out. Occasionally we hear about a driveby, but in nearly all cases it is the aforementioned punk white kid doing it at 3am when everyone is asleep, picking a random house and shooting it, just to make himself feel more OG. We laugh at these punks.

The shooting itself had nothing to do with either of the two above. I just thought I would mention them to get them out of the way. Why not, the papers mentioned gangs and migrant workers though neither had anything to do with the shooting.

So it turns out that this shooting was an incident of road rage. Two people were driving down the road, something happened and the drivers pulled into the next parking lot which happened to be the parking lot for the college campus and the Migrant Council. I'm not clear, and neither were any of the news reports, if the driver of the first car was supposed to be in that parking lot for either the school, migrant council, or any of the small businesses that share the same parking lot. Either way he pulled in and the other driver followed.

The two men got out of their respective cars, one pulled a gun, the other pulled a cue stick. You do the math on that one.

The man with the gun walked into the campus and surrendered to the first person he saw. Police arrived shortly after, taped off the area, interviewed witnesses, cleaned up the mess, and then went back to their donut shops. Open and shut case in the matter of a few hours, the guy with the gun was chasing the other guy, pulled and shot first. The cue stick guy was the person being chased and self defense (or lack thereof).

Well of course the school now thinks that they have to do something about campus security, afterall someone was shot in the school's parking lot. What does the school do? Hires an out of shape, should be retired, unarmed, rent-a-cop from one of those local security firms.

This guy is way too serious about his job too. Should see him eyeballing the students with suspicion as they leave class. I'm just waiting for this smack tard to ask me what I'm doing and where I'm going. I thought he was there to protect the students, not watch them as suspects to imaginary crimes. Reminds me of something a Loss Prevention Officer told me at a retail store I used to work at, "Everyone is guilty, I just haven't caught them yet." Nice.

Okay first of all did I mention he was unarmed?

Let's say hypothically that the college had that rent-a-cop on campus when the shooting occured. How would it have been different? It would not have been. The guy still would have gotten shot. The only difference is that maybe the shooter would have surrendered to the rent-a-donut-eater instead of whatever poor student was surrendered to.

He couldn't have stopped the shooting. He could have yelled and hollered of course, or maybe thrown his nightstick at the guy....no sorry he is unarmed, not even a nightstick either. He could have run up and tackled the shooter, but only if the shooter was less then 20 feet away. Did I mention the rent-a-cop is out of shape and nearly (if not already) retired.

The rent-a-cop could do what everyone else is told to do, call 911 and wait for the police. Well you know how that one ends. The cue stick guy is dead, the gun guy surrenders to a student or the rent-a-cop, and the police arrive one minute earlier then they did.

So does this new "campus security" make the campus safer or more secure? No not at all. Sure I probably don't have to worry about my crappy chevy metro's stock stereo being ripped out of my dashboard while I'm in class anymore. Other then that I feel no safer nor more secure then I was before, which is honestly probably more safe and secure then other people are or feel.

Why? Because I carry a gun in my car for defense, and not a cue stick.

Come to think of it. I would probably be better off without the rent-a-cop guy. I need a new stereo in my car and there is no way my old one is gonna get ripped off with him standing there.

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