Friday, December 08, 2006

Firearms Training and the Militia

I've been kicking it around for a few weeks and I came to a conclusion. I don't know how to use my weapon. That is actually hard for me to say as I have been shooting and hunting for pretty much as long as I can remember.

In Boy Scouts when I was about 12 I could put 5 shots in the same hole at 20 yards with a BB gun and 50 yards with a .22, both with 0 wind. At longer ranges I could hit the center of the target, scoreable areas, or in the black depending on ranges. Older and using bigger bore I have never "missed" a deer or an elk. Sure I may have missed a few individual shots but my followups have hit. I've always dropped a deer or elk on the first "hit" shot. I've not had to do the tracking thing.

I'm not a horrible shot, however these are stationary targets with plenty of time to line up and think about a shot. There have been a few times that I pulled an impressive "hit" out of my posterior, for example dropping an elk on a lateral full run at ~150 yards with an opposite crosswind, while I was standing. Again though, I saw the elk coming and just waited for a good shot when it got out of the trees and into the open.

Operational wise you could put pretty much any modern firearm in my hands and I can load it, chamber a round, take the safety off, and fire it. I will most likely hit the black of a standard size target at 100 yards with a rifle on the first shot as long as the gun is mostly sighted in, second shot I'm going to be able to compensate and hit as long as I know where the first shot went. I'll hit center area within 5 shots with an unfamiliar rifle.

I am neither bragging nor disparaging my shooting skills. These are measured hits that I know I am capable of. Good or bad this is my measurable skill level with target ranges I have shot at, I might be better I don't know because I have not had the opportunity to test myself.

Any gun I own I can dismantle, clean, and reassemble. My "arsenal" consists of your typical Idaho outdoorsman that hunts and fishes. 12 and 20 gauge in pump action, semi-auto .22 long rifle that is just fun to shoot, 30-06, and a pump action .270. The only "assault rifle" I own is a Norinco SKS that I got for free as rent collateral. The guy didn't pay and I got his SKS.

That is where my knowledge of firearms ends. I know how to line up a target, and I know how to operate my firearms safely. Besides self taught trial and error practice on the range, the only real "training" I have had was part of Boy Scouts in Rifle and Shotgun merit badges and a brief section of Hunter's Education which covers a broad range of topics and gun safety is only a small portion.

However in a defense or tactical situation I am sorely unequipped and unknowledgable. You cannot say something like "excuse me could you please stand still at 50 yards for about 5 seconds will I line up this shot?". Not going to happen. Against time in a stress situation forget about it. I may as well not even have a gun would be my bet.

How about longer then 100 yards? I could use the same knowledge and probably hit at 200, 300 yards, but probably not consecutively nor competently. The other problem is that while I could confidently shoot pretty much any small arms I have, I probably could not competently join a few other people in a squad holding a line or securing an area.

At this point many are thinking join the military, join the police, they will teach you what you are looking for. Military nor police training is what I am looking for. If the military or police is doing the teaching that is fine, but I have no intention or ability to join either at this point in time in my life. Ten years ago that was an option. If drafted to serve and protect the nation on it's own soil I would gladly accept my duty. I prefer to remain a civilian right now and let men and women far better then me join military and police forces.

The point of the 2nd Amendment is not for hunting and target/trap shooting. The point of being a militia member (all able bodied people) is worthless if you do not have proper training.

The point of this post is to discuss ways to get proper training without joining the military and without dropping huge amounts of money for a training institute that is not in your area. Options of joining or forming a militia can also be considered, the caviet here is that "Militia" has a bad connotation in the media thanks to seperatists in Idaho and other areas.

I know I am a member of the militia, but I am not a member of a militia, and frankly as of late I find that more and more disconcerting, but the options that I know about for being a member of a militia do not seem that attractive. I live in Boise, Idaho so for me to say "I am a member of the militia" or that I am thinking about joining one instantly makes people think I am a white seperatist plotting to overthrow the zionist government. Far from it. If I were to join a "militia" group it would be more along the lines of a neighborhood watch (regular law abiding citizens) that trains together regularly or the citizen security groups found in the Dragon's Fury books by Jeff Head (modern day Minute Men).

The recent headlines about yet another 2nd amendment case going to court is just complete coincidence with this post. This is more about questioning this portion of my family's long term preparedness and security plans.

I went through all the background as I think there might be several people out there with the same predicament and thoughts so wanted people reading this to see where I was coming from.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The conversation I heard today

So I'm on lunch break and head to the closest convience store to get a soda. I live in Boise, ID btw to put this in geographic perspective.

I wish I could have heard what the other people were saying. Not sure if it was because they were on the other side of the store and it got drowned out by white noise or I just didn't hear them because I was so flabergasted by what I was hearing.

The conversation was between two store workers. What I heard was the girl's (White, not that it matters except in context) half of the conversation while she was ringing me up.

"I was calling his family to come up with money for his bond. It's $15,000. They wouldn't help though. They all said just send him back to Mexico, he'll be back next week."

There was a slight pause and I kinda nodded my head to myself and thought well they do have a point. The other person said something I didn't hear (wish I would have) and the girl's reply was thus:

"But I just want to be married to someone"

I left the store, out to my car and realized I did not have enough duct tape in the car to prevent my head from exploding.

I have no other comments, just contemplate what I have written.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Boise State at the Fiesta Bowl

Typically I don't do sports. Oh I watch a few hockey games now and then live if I have tickets but generally I don't do sports.

However I gotta say something about BSU and the Fiesta Bowl. Boise State doesn't get any respect, and it is wrongfully placed.

Remember I said I don't do sports, so can't quote you statistics or how one player outranks another player in passes or touchdowns or whatever the crap else sports fans pay attention to. However I do pay attention to human nature and trends.

Lets rewind a few years to the days of Coach Pokey Allen. Allen was the coach the really started BSU on the road to a Fiesta Bowl berth. How? That long ago? BSU wasn't even in the WAC at the time.

Coach Allen led BSU to a rivalry victory over UofI who BSU hadn't beaten in...12 years I think it was.

From there BSU went on to be undefeated several seasons, dominating the Humanitarian Bowl (now MPC Bowl).

BSU moved up to the WAC and dominated them. You know what BSU heard moving up to the WAC? You'll never make it there and cry that you want back in the Big Sky. BSU made it, not only made it, destroyed it.

BSU goes up against Oregon State. OSU gets sent home with the boobie prize of getting the arses handed to them by a buncha smurf turfers.

Through all this BSU gets no respect.

Now here is the problem. Freak boy anti-BSU people are gonna say BSU sucks. The Fiesta bowl could be the best of the 5 college football games. I'm not saying it's going to be a good game, I'm saying it could be, we won't know for sure until game day. However unless BSU wins the detractors are still going to say BSU sucks. BSU could be one TD short of winning and people will still say BSU sucks.

Basically the only way BSU will get respect is if they WIN...and it could happen, after all they beat OSU and OSU beat Oklahoma.

However even if BSU wins they still probably won't get the respect they deserve. The idiot detractors will come up with some lame excuses as to how Oklahoma could get beat by a buncha smurf turfers.

So yea that's probably the only sports commentary you will ever hear from me.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Size 12 too fat?

This came across my desk today:

Size 12 too fat?

Take a look at the two models and tell me which is more attractive. Odds are you said the top one. That's the one that was considered "too fat" to be a model. Ask me and I think she could use a little more on top, but her legs are great. That's not the point though.

The point is the second model that wasn't "too fat" and won whatever competition it was looks sick. I mean sick in a bad way. Shave her, black and white photo her, put some chain link fencing around her and you have something the world saw in the 40's towards the end of WWII. Not attractive at all. Tragic.

And the world wonders why women have "weight" issues.

What ever happened to Marlyin Monroe?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Solving the military recruitment and draft.

Okay so stupid Charlie Rangle wants to attempt to implement the draft again because he has the incorrect assumption that military volunteers only join up because they don't have a good education...or some crap like that. Rangle tried to do this once before and was trounced when it went for a vote. Rangle even voted against his own bill. Hey Rangle got a question for you. Why in the monkey are you wasting time putting in bills that you won't even vote for. Idiot.

Anyways so recruitment is supposedly down and Rangle thinks that people join because they don't have opportunities elseware and want the paid college and bonus.

Here is the fix, nice and easy. Join the military for a full term of service (4 years). With an honorable discharge the recruit pays no income matter how much money they make in the future.

First this fixes the "problem" of only less fortunate people joining the military (which is a load of bull in the first place) because they will have more money in their pockets for the rest of their lives.

Second so many people will be lining up to join that the military will have to turn people away.

Third, the standards of recruitment will have to go up because of so many people wanting to join.

Personally I think it's a no-brainer but we are talking about removing several million people from the tax system and there is no way in hell donkeys or elephants are gonna go for that one.

It is a thought though.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

$00.002 a gallon gas? Hook me up!


The gas station is not exactly sure how many people took advantage of the situation. Since customers paid at the pump, clerks did not have face-to-face contact with the customers.

Mental note: From now on pay at the pump!

Driver Kenneth Krebs said he couldn't believe what he saw that allowed him to fill up his truck for 7 cents.

"I pulled into that gas station, put my card in to get gas and hit the 87 octane button and it came up like two-hundredths of a cent," said driver Kenneth Krebs. "So, I proceeded in filling up my truck."

Oh hell yea I would to.

A woman went into the store and told the clerk what was going on, showing her receipt for a few cents for several gallons of gas. That woman offered to come back into the store later Tuesday to pay the difference.

You fraking whench. Why you think gas prices are so high? Because idiotic people like you are obviously willing to pay that price. Honesty my arse.

The gas station is trying to determine if it can go back and charge the people who got the bargain regular price after the fact.

Yea I don't think so buddy. Your loss. Fire whoever the screwhead was that screwed up the pump.

OSHA safety inspection day

Safety inspections amuse me. The "safety commitee" at the place I currently work at decided to inspect the server room. First of all it's a server room. There is a lot of computers, a lot of cables, a lot of electricity and for security reasons dictated by the "security commitee" there is two doors in and out that are locked at all times.

Anyways so the three things they asked me, just being a regular grunt employee, is where the evacuation map was, where the emergency phone number list was, and if I feel secure working in this environment (supposedly the room has been deemed unsafe).

Okay so lets say there is a fire. I'm supposed to go look at the evacuation map, and find the emergency phone number list. No I'm going out the door, going outside and then I'm going home. I'm not going to bother calling 911 because our fire suppression system does that by itself if it is triggered, even if by accident. If someone needs to look at an evacuation map to figure out how to get out of the building they work in and find the emergency number list (911) then they deserve to die in a fire while I'm sitting at home watching it on the local news channel because I didn't waste my time looking for the map and number list.

That's just Darwinism.

Do I feel secure? Fire? Yea that I can handle. Unless the fire starts on my desk and I'm asleep on top of the stack of paperwork sitting on it fire doesn't bother me. Explosions on the other hand are a different issue.

However nothing in here is explosive except maybe the fire suppression system if for some reason the pressurized CO2 gets overpressured and blows up the pipes. Chances of that happening rank up there with the chances of a giant meteor crashing through the roof, hitting my desk, and starting a fire while I am asleep on the stack of paperwork sitting on it.

The safety commitee was very concerned that the tile floor hadn't been mopped for some time and that there was a paper clip on the floor though. Apparently I could trip and fall on that paperclip, landing on the unmopped tile floor, skid across, smack my head into a server, causing some sparks that leap accross to the stack of paper on my desk, and lighting it on fire.

Or something like that.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Security on the Net - MS Antispyware?

Last year about this time I was beta testing Microsofts Antispyware. Let me tell you first of all that it sucks. It was great at detecting things but was crap for actual removal of things. Even if you told MS Antispyware to remove it completely no matter what it said the spyware would come back on the next reboot. I wrote it off as just usual crap from MS and removed Antispyware from my system and went back to my tried and true standbys of Ad-aware, Spybot S&D, and Hijack This.

So today I was doing some research here at work and I stumbled on some interesting information. I wasn't researching spyware I was researching something completely different, but yea that's the nature of the internet.

Anyway I found some blog posts about a software company called Claria. Claria before their name change some years back was called GAIN, and before that Gator. GAIN and Gator are both well known spyware/malware companies.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for Claria:

So now that I have established Claria's presence in the spyware world let me describe what happened around the time I stopped using MS-Antispyware.

Antispyware originally had any products from Claria (GAIN and Gator) flagged as high risk and quarantine remove. At some point in time the default settings for those spyware programs were changed BY MICROSOFT to ignore and moderate risk. So what this meant is that is you used scheduled spyware scans MS-Antispyware would completely ignore anything by Claria and allow it to pass. If you used manual scan and removal then the next day MS-Antispyware would not flag the incoming reinstallation of Claria software as hostile, and again allow it to pass by.

This problem was of course easily remedied by ignoring the MS-Antispyware settings and setting them manually to remove/quarantine for the particular spyware. However on the next update (usually weekly during beta) the settings for those particular spywares would go back to the Microsoft settings of ignore moderate threat and the whole process would start over again.

Interestingly enough Claria is not the only company that MS has let skate by on their spyware/malware.

WeatherBug, which ships WITH AOL software (including AIM and ICQ), is considered spyware. While it seems to serve out weather information it also collects surfing habits and feeds that information back to a server for serving up directed advertisements. Yep spyware.

So MS-Antispyware originally had Weatherbug flagged as spyware for removal. Again the same thing happened. They updated the spyware database to show Weatherbug as a moderate threat, ignore. Here is the twist on this one though. AOL THEMSELVES threatened to sue Microsoft on the spyware classification of WeatherBug. Yea AOL, the guys with all the commercials touting their service and supposedly protecting their users agains spyware/malware. Microsoft instead of fighting, caved and deflagged WeatherBug as spyware.

It goes on more. WhenU, WebHancer and Ezula Toptext have also been autoflagged as ignore on MS-Antispyware. WhenU in particular was the program I was having the most fits with trying to remove.

Take a look at this screenshot from one of the reports:

That is pretty much what my MS-Antispyware report would look like every morning, even AFTER spyware removal with MS-Antispyware.

So the point of all this is just because something is made by a company supposedly looking out for you remember that with enough money and scratch through back channels, or in some cases threat of lawsuit, changes everything.

Current Setup:

Firefox + Adblock + Filterset.G
Grisoft AVG
Lavasoft Ad-Aware

Virus and Adware Free since August 2005.

Various links and references:,13793423

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Safe and secure at campus? Yea I don't think so.

A week ago there was a shooting at the college I go to. Someone died.

It's not really a college per se, but an extended campus. The college itself is in another state some fifty miles away, but they have various single building campuses around the area. I take all my classes at one of those single building campuses.

We have a high population of illegal (and legal) immigrants in this area, but quite honestly I haven't heard of any problems because of this. Sure the less honest of them will suck resources from our welfare system, but your average scumbag white guy does that as well. Scumbaggery has nothing to do with race. In fact the only problems I have heard are about punk white kids causing the migrant workers problems.

There is not really a large gang problem here. Oh sure we have the little punk white kids that think they are all OG, but I'll bet you odds that if you dropped them into the inner city somewhere in gangland they would cry like babies and head straight to the nearst way out. Occasionally we hear about a driveby, but in nearly all cases it is the aforementioned punk white kid doing it at 3am when everyone is asleep, picking a random house and shooting it, just to make himself feel more OG. We laugh at these punks.

The shooting itself had nothing to do with either of the two above. I just thought I would mention them to get them out of the way. Why not, the papers mentioned gangs and migrant workers though neither had anything to do with the shooting.

So it turns out that this shooting was an incident of road rage. Two people were driving down the road, something happened and the drivers pulled into the next parking lot which happened to be the parking lot for the college campus and the Migrant Council. I'm not clear, and neither were any of the news reports, if the driver of the first car was supposed to be in that parking lot for either the school, migrant council, or any of the small businesses that share the same parking lot. Either way he pulled in and the other driver followed.

The two men got out of their respective cars, one pulled a gun, the other pulled a cue stick. You do the math on that one.

The man with the gun walked into the campus and surrendered to the first person he saw. Police arrived shortly after, taped off the area, interviewed witnesses, cleaned up the mess, and then went back to their donut shops. Open and shut case in the matter of a few hours, the guy with the gun was chasing the other guy, pulled and shot first. The cue stick guy was the person being chased and self defense (or lack thereof).

Well of course the school now thinks that they have to do something about campus security, afterall someone was shot in the school's parking lot. What does the school do? Hires an out of shape, should be retired, unarmed, rent-a-cop from one of those local security firms.

This guy is way too serious about his job too. Should see him eyeballing the students with suspicion as they leave class. I'm just waiting for this smack tard to ask me what I'm doing and where I'm going. I thought he was there to protect the students, not watch them as suspects to imaginary crimes. Reminds me of something a Loss Prevention Officer told me at a retail store I used to work at, "Everyone is guilty, I just haven't caught them yet." Nice.

Okay first of all did I mention he was unarmed?

Let's say hypothically that the college had that rent-a-cop on campus when the shooting occured. How would it have been different? It would not have been. The guy still would have gotten shot. The only difference is that maybe the shooter would have surrendered to the rent-a-donut-eater instead of whatever poor student was surrendered to.

He couldn't have stopped the shooting. He could have yelled and hollered of course, or maybe thrown his nightstick at the sorry he is unarmed, not even a nightstick either. He could have run up and tackled the shooter, but only if the shooter was less then 20 feet away. Did I mention the rent-a-cop is out of shape and nearly (if not already) retired.

The rent-a-cop could do what everyone else is told to do, call 911 and wait for the police. Well you know how that one ends. The cue stick guy is dead, the gun guy surrenders to a student or the rent-a-cop, and the police arrive one minute earlier then they did.

So does this new "campus security" make the campus safer or more secure? No not at all. Sure I probably don't have to worry about my crappy chevy metro's stock stereo being ripped out of my dashboard while I'm in class anymore. Other then that I feel no safer nor more secure then I was before, which is honestly probably more safe and secure then other people are or feel.

Why? Because I carry a gun in my car for defense, and not a cue stick.

Come to think of it. I would probably be better off without the rent-a-cop guy. I need a new stereo in my car and there is no way my old one is gonna get ripped off with him standing there.