Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bill O'Reilly attacks FreeRepublic - Update

In my earlier article found here, Bill O'Reilly attacks FreeRepublic - Most Ridiculous Item of the Day I mentioned several threads that were possible "hits" to the complaints Bill O'Reilly had about FreeRepublic.

Well FReepers were sort of correct. The quotes in question were definitely out of context, but the wrong threads were identified.

For an update straight from the Free Republic spokesperson see this thread:

O'Reilly Factor Provides Free Republic Offending Comments Links

Read the threads linked yourself and make your own conclusions if you wish. I've already made mine.

Free Republic is not a right wing hate site.



Jean233 said...

Ask anyone who is french or of french descent if freerepublic is not a hate site. I'm of french descent, generally conservative in my viewpoints, supported the war in Iraq, and even voted for Bush twice. I can tell you that after spending quite a long time on their site, it is pretty obvious that the majority of posters there do indeed, infact hate french people, or at the very best, have a condescending tone towards them. They have driven off virtually all their french posters with their comments, and strangely enough, often act suprised when they don't have any around to give them the "inside scoop" of what goes on in France, such as when Sarkozy was being elected. If you don't believe me I can provide plenty of links to such comments. I'm sorry but this alone to me makes it a "hate site".

Domandred said...

I'm make a comment on the French but I'm in a self imposed French bashing moratorium because Sarkozy has been great.