Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brady Campaign Dishonesty

In my continuing series of blog posts about the Anti-Gun groups and their dishonesty today I'm going to talk about the Brady Campaign.

In a recent "press release" article found on their site here: THE THREAT OF .50 CALIBER ARMOR-PIECING SNIPER RIFLES we find a choice sentence.

A government study found that a used .50 caliber BMG sniper rifle can be purchased online for just $29.95
Their reference was a report filed by the GAO entitled "Long-Range Fifty Caliber Sniper Weapons" which mentioned "An Internet search conducted by the minority staff revealed the sale of one used fifty caliber sniper rifle for only $29.95".

The regular retail price of a .50 Cal BMG is right around $6000. Used you might find a working one for around $4000. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the gun world knows there is no way you are going to find a working .50 Cal BMG for $29.95. You probably won't even find a BROKEN BMG for less then $1000.

So some internet searching of my own comes up with the $29.95 .50 Cal sniper rifle. Click here to behold it in all it's glory.

Well it is a .50 Cal, I'll give the Brady Campaign that. I wouldn't ever wanna fire the thing even the one time it is guaranteed to fire.

Of course the Brady Campaign also had to add in the "crimes" committed with the .50 BMG to shock people. I've already gone over those in a previous post about the Violence Policy Center.

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sprale said...

I would only recommend referring to the Brady Campaign as an anti-rights group, since they have a great disdain for the collective Bill of Rights, only being able to focus on one at a time.