Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What you hath wrought

Forget about being energy independent

With the Dems controlling all branches of government we will not be drilling our own oil. We will not be building nuclear plants. We will not liquefy coal to fuel. We will not convert oil shale to energy. We may build lots of wind mills, but not the power lines to transmit the power. We might even breach dams that provide hydroelectric save the salmon.

We will be even more dependent on nations that are not our friends for our energy requirements.

Energy prices in all forms will skyrocket.

Fuel prices at the pump will be $5 or more a gallon summer 2009. You don't even want to think about the price to heat your house next year. Enjoy this year's prices while you still can.

Corporations will decline

Corporations will stop expansion because of environmental costs given to us by the global warming fanatics.

Cap and Trade will slow production to almost a crawl.

More corporations will go overseas

Obama will raise the corporate income taxes. This will cause more companies to outsource to other nations, costing us more jobs here in the USA.

Personal taxes will go up.

Everyone's taxes will go up. The tax cuts given to us by George Bush shortly after the internet bubble crash and 9/11 recession, the tax cuts that got us OUT of the 9/11 recession, will be rescinded. This will cause everyone's taxes to increase, except on the 40% of the population that doesn't pay taxes.

Obama will further raise the taxes on anyone making more then 97,000 a year. Notice this number just a scant two weeks ago was $250K a year.

Everyone except those who pay no taxes at all will get a tax increase. That means less money in your pockets to pay for the higher costs of living caused by a triple power democrat government.

Forget your retirement

Obama and company will nationalize your 401K's and retirement investments and drop that money into the Social Security coffers. The same Social Security that will be bankrupt in 20 years because the money has been going to the general fund instead of being in a lock box. The same Social Security that even if it wasn't locked up doesn't provide the earnings as even a basic high yield savings account.

All that money? Gone. To pay for more spending by an out of control spending congress, who you just voted back into office.

Hope you like your teapot museums and art parks. You're going to get a lot more of them paid for by your 401K's.

Hope you like them apples...and all your other groceries

If you think none of the above effects you, or somehow you can avoid the above you are wrong.

Because of the increase in energy and fuel costs, the increased production of ethanol (turning food into fuel), the higher taxes, nationalizing of corporations that can't pay their higher exorbitant taxes your cost of living for basic necessities like groceries.

You can expect inflationary increases as well as production cost increases in all forms of every day purchases. Your milk, eggs, bread, everything will increase in cost higher then we have seen before all because of increased costs created by Obama's policies.

There is more

That's just a taste though.

You just voted into office the people that have been causing all the problems of the last 2 years.

You people voted for them. You deserve whatever you get.

And now you can't blame the GOP for it.

Celebrate now, in a year you will be wringing your hands and gnashing your teeth wailing "what hath we done".

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