Wednesday, May 10, 2006

$00.002 a gallon gas? Hook me up!


The gas station is not exactly sure how many people took advantage of the situation. Since customers paid at the pump, clerks did not have face-to-face contact with the customers.

Mental note: From now on pay at the pump!

Driver Kenneth Krebs said he couldn't believe what he saw that allowed him to fill up his truck for 7 cents.

"I pulled into that gas station, put my card in to get gas and hit the 87 octane button and it came up like two-hundredths of a cent," said driver Kenneth Krebs. "So, I proceeded in filling up my truck."

Oh hell yea I would to.

A woman went into the store and told the clerk what was going on, showing her receipt for a few cents for several gallons of gas. That woman offered to come back into the store later Tuesday to pay the difference.

You fraking whench. Why you think gas prices are so high? Because idiotic people like you are obviously willing to pay that price. Honesty my arse.

The gas station is trying to determine if it can go back and charge the people who got the bargain regular price after the fact.

Yea I don't think so buddy. Your loss. Fire whoever the screwhead was that screwed up the pump.

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