Wednesday, May 10, 2006

OSHA safety inspection day

Safety inspections amuse me. The "safety commitee" at the place I currently work at decided to inspect the server room. First of all it's a server room. There is a lot of computers, a lot of cables, a lot of electricity and for security reasons dictated by the "security commitee" there is two doors in and out that are locked at all times.

Anyways so the three things they asked me, just being a regular grunt employee, is where the evacuation map was, where the emergency phone number list was, and if I feel secure working in this environment (supposedly the room has been deemed unsafe).

Okay so lets say there is a fire. I'm supposed to go look at the evacuation map, and find the emergency phone number list. No I'm going out the door, going outside and then I'm going home. I'm not going to bother calling 911 because our fire suppression system does that by itself if it is triggered, even if by accident. If someone needs to look at an evacuation map to figure out how to get out of the building they work in and find the emergency number list (911) then they deserve to die in a fire while I'm sitting at home watching it on the local news channel because I didn't waste my time looking for the map and number list.

That's just Darwinism.

Do I feel secure? Fire? Yea that I can handle. Unless the fire starts on my desk and I'm asleep on top of the stack of paperwork sitting on it fire doesn't bother me. Explosions on the other hand are a different issue.

However nothing in here is explosive except maybe the fire suppression system if for some reason the pressurized CO2 gets overpressured and blows up the pipes. Chances of that happening rank up there with the chances of a giant meteor crashing through the roof, hitting my desk, and starting a fire while I am asleep on the stack of paperwork sitting on it.

The safety commitee was very concerned that the tile floor hadn't been mopped for some time and that there was a paper clip on the floor though. Apparently I could trip and fall on that paperclip, landing on the unmopped tile floor, skid across, smack my head into a server, causing some sparks that leap accross to the stack of paper on my desk, and lighting it on fire.

Or something like that.

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