Monday, December 04, 2006

Boise State at the Fiesta Bowl

Typically I don't do sports. Oh I watch a few hockey games now and then live if I have tickets but generally I don't do sports.

However I gotta say something about BSU and the Fiesta Bowl. Boise State doesn't get any respect, and it is wrongfully placed.

Remember I said I don't do sports, so can't quote you statistics or how one player outranks another player in passes or touchdowns or whatever the crap else sports fans pay attention to. However I do pay attention to human nature and trends.

Lets rewind a few years to the days of Coach Pokey Allen. Allen was the coach the really started BSU on the road to a Fiesta Bowl berth. How? That long ago? BSU wasn't even in the WAC at the time.

Coach Allen led BSU to a rivalry victory over UofI who BSU hadn't beaten in...12 years I think it was.

From there BSU went on to be undefeated several seasons, dominating the Humanitarian Bowl (now MPC Bowl).

BSU moved up to the WAC and dominated them. You know what BSU heard moving up to the WAC? You'll never make it there and cry that you want back in the Big Sky. BSU made it, not only made it, destroyed it.

BSU goes up against Oregon State. OSU gets sent home with the boobie prize of getting the arses handed to them by a buncha smurf turfers.

Through all this BSU gets no respect.

Now here is the problem. Freak boy anti-BSU people are gonna say BSU sucks. The Fiesta bowl could be the best of the 5 college football games. I'm not saying it's going to be a good game, I'm saying it could be, we won't know for sure until game day. However unless BSU wins the detractors are still going to say BSU sucks. BSU could be one TD short of winning and people will still say BSU sucks.

Basically the only way BSU will get respect is if they WIN...and it could happen, after all they beat OSU and OSU beat Oklahoma.

However even if BSU wins they still probably won't get the respect they deserve. The idiot detractors will come up with some lame excuses as to how Oklahoma could get beat by a buncha smurf turfers.

So yea that's probably the only sports commentary you will ever hear from me.

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