Thursday, December 07, 2006

The conversation I heard today

So I'm on lunch break and head to the closest convience store to get a soda. I live in Boise, ID btw to put this in geographic perspective.

I wish I could have heard what the other people were saying. Not sure if it was because they were on the other side of the store and it got drowned out by white noise or I just didn't hear them because I was so flabergasted by what I was hearing.

The conversation was between two store workers. What I heard was the girl's (White, not that it matters except in context) half of the conversation while she was ringing me up.

"I was calling his family to come up with money for his bond. It's $15,000. They wouldn't help though. They all said just send him back to Mexico, he'll be back next week."

There was a slight pause and I kinda nodded my head to myself and thought well they do have a point. The other person said something I didn't hear (wish I would have) and the girl's reply was thus:

"But I just want to be married to someone"

I left the store, out to my car and realized I did not have enough duct tape in the car to prevent my head from exploding.

I have no other comments, just contemplate what I have written.

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