Thursday, June 28, 2007

I hate fast food fries

Okay I actually love fast food french fries but I hate that it doesn't seem like any burger join can actually make decent freaking fries.

One of two things happen.

First, you go in at lunch and the place is busy so they keep pulling the fries 30 seconds to a minute early. This leaves the fries sort of cooked on the outside and half cooked potato mush on the inside. The biggest problem is that sometimes you can't tell they are half cooked till you bite into the first one. Later on in the fry packet you get the one or two fries that were sticking out of the oil so they never really got cooked at all. Half the fry is luke warm, and the other half still has ice crystals inside on the potato mush.

Second thing that can happen is the place is not busy. Fries get cooked through the whole timer but then they sit in the tray under the heat lamp for a really long time waiting for someone to actually purchase them. These fries get stale, soggy, and taste terrible. No amount of ketchup and salt can fix a stale floppy fry.

Fast food restaurants really need to pay attention to their fries. I can get good burgers anywhere, but a good french fry will keep me coming back.


wheresmyfries said...

Well here is a place so you can comment on the restaurant. I agree though 9 times out of 10 the fries are quickly overlooked check it out its a cool site..

Anonymous said...

nothing like paying $2 for stale fries