Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bill O'Reilly attacks FreeRepublic - Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Bill O'Reilly trashed FreeRepublic today on his Fox News show as a Right Wing Hate Site.

Bill "claims" that he found posts just today saying "I hate blacks" and "Homosexuals are dogs". Unfortunately Bill didn't do any fact checking.

Seems that both quotes were not from FreeRepublic posters but from news articles that were reprinted at FR.

"Homosexuals are dogs" - This quote came from a thread posted WAY back on March 5, 2001 in response to this article at www.iol.co.za. Seems that President Mugabe of Zimbabwe "is a hate figure for many homosexuals, whom he has branded as "dogs"." (from iol). FReeper Jack Black stated "He certainly should not be arrested for saying homosexuals are dogs." Even that quote is taken out of context. You can read a cached copy of said thread here.

"I hate blacks" - This was actually an article found here. Notice the article is called "I hate blacks" that originally appeared in AsianWeek. The article from SFGate was just reprinted at FreeRepublic.

So two quotes that did not originate from FreeRepublic unless you take them completely out of context.

And that's the most ridiculous item of the day. Welcome to O'Reilly's MySpin Zone.

More as develops...

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