Saturday, March 24, 2007

Enough guns and ammo to start a meth lab!

Yesterday in Horseshoe Bend, ID a man opened his front door and got shot in the leg. The guy called 911. When the police showed up they found 16 guns, several thousand rounds of ammunition, and a meth lab. Probably the guy shot himself.

Our local print media buried the guns part.

Our local television media covered ONLY the guns. The man was a felon so it's illegal for him to purchase, own or even pick up firearms.

The television news coverage was something like this:

Enough guns and ammo to start a meth lab! (not sure exactly how to turn guns into creating drugs but whatever.

Enough guns to start a revolution in a small country! (16 guns? That's got to be a really small country, like maybe survivor island. I figure growing up my father had roughly 25 to 30 guns...guess he wanted to start a revolution in a larger country).

No mention of the Meth lab part...except that he had enough guns to start one.

Yes even in Idaho the anti-gunners are alive and well. I hear Wyoming is nice.

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