Saturday, March 10, 2007

Walmart and ammunition

I just went to Walmart to buy myself some ammo for my .22 rifle. Weather was nice today so I thought I would go do some plinking. Got myself a box of 550 rounds of .22lr hollow point for less then $10 (the reason I love shooting my .22).

Anyways I got up to the register with my box of cat litter, replacement sink faucet for the bathroom, a tub of boneless bbq chicken, 10 bars of soap, and a box of ammo.

The checkout lady clears everything just fine till we get to the ammo. She says "handgun"? I say "no rifle". Irritated she says "handgun yes or no". "No". "Are you under 18?", "no I'm 35".

"Hope your not planning on shooting anyone"

No normally this might be funny...well no really that isn't ever funny...but this lady was serious asking me that.

Mental note: Next time pay for the ammo in the sporting goods department.

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1 comment:

J said...

I'd make a comment to the manager.