Thursday, March 08, 2007

HR 1022 gets a little play

Yesterday sometime HR 1022 picked up twelve co-sponsors. Here is a list of the traitors to the constitution:

Rep Ackerman, Gary L. [NY-5]
Rep Crowley, Joseph [NY-7]
Rep Fattah, Chaka [PA-2]
Rep Filner, Bob [CA-51]
Rep Frank, Barney [MA-4]
Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila [TX-18]
Rep Maloney, Carolyn B. [NY-14]
Rep Meehan, Martin T. [MA-5]
Rep Moran, James P. [VA-8]
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D. [IL-9]
Rep Schiff, Adam B. [CA-29]
Rep Van Hollen, Chris [MD-8]

Please contact your rep ASAP and tell them you completely oppose this legislation.

Here is a link for the bill itself:

HR 1022

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