Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mitt Happens - I'm a Flip-Flopper

Mitt Romney is a flipper.

On several issues (okay two, pro-life, 2nd Amendment) Mitt has flipped his views since running for governor of Massachusetts. Both issues he has moved to the right on. Mitt has flipped, but I haven't seen no flop.

I am a flip-flopper.

When Mitt Romney announced his candidacy I originally said "this is my guy...". I knew him from his bailing out of the doomed SLC Olympics and turning it into one of the best Olympics ever. I knew he was a wildly successful businessman.

But the caviet to that was I also said "unless Fred Thompson gets into the race." Now this was well before Fred jumped in, well before rumors started that Fred might jump in. I was one of the first few hundred that jumped onto the "Draft Fred" bandwagon.

Fred dropped out yesterday, so I have flopped back to Romney.

Expect lots of Romney commentary. If Romney isn't your guy well sorry, deal with it. This is my blog I say what I want.

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