Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan Primaries - The Morning After

Commentary reports starting to come in. Last time I mentioned it I was talking about how commentators were telling Mitt Romney to drop out because he couldn't win (even though he was first in delegate count).

Now commentators have a new spin on Romney...he won Michigan because there was not a credible candidate on the Democrat side so in protest many Democrats voted Republican specifically for Romney. The argument here is of course that Romney is a Democrat and not a Republican.

No mention of course about John "I thought about joining the Democrat party in 2004" McCain.

Of the moderate Republicans (RINO's to hard core 100% conservatives) on the ballots Romney is actually the least RINO of them all.

Makes me wonder if McCain had won the Michigan primary if the commentators would have been talking about Leiberman telling independants and democrats to vote McCain or if they still would have been telling Romney to drop out because he can't win (Romney still would have been in the lead for delegates with a second place showing).

Current delegate count:

GOP (needs 1191)
Romney 36
McCain 19
Huckabee 19
Thompson 6
Paul 2
Hunter 1
Rudy 0

DEM (needs 2025)
Obama 25
Hillary 24
Edwards 18

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