Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pushing the dropout rate

So you've got this candidate who has gone through three primaries. He's placed second, first, then second. Doing so he's grabbed the most delegate count of any of the candidates. The candidate is in the lead, so what do bloggers, news, and pundits say?

That Romney should drop out now. What the fuck. That's all I have to say.

I've counted probably seven different news articles today saying that since Romney didn't place first in Iowa or New Hampshire he's losing and should just drop out now. Idiocy. You would think these so called journalists and professionals would just take the 20 seconds to look at what matters....the delegate count.

Now I'm a Fred supporter (Romney is my third choice after Hunter) but I'm also a realist. Since when does the LEADER of a race drop out.

Come on people grow a damned brain.

Even if Mitt places second in Michigan (which isn't a true winner-take-all) he's still going to be in the lead in delegates.

If this rate continues by the time Super Tuesday rolls around Mitt will have a handy lead and ready to take on Rudy. Rudy btw is doing among the worst but nobody is calling for him to drop out. Even Hunter and Paul have more delegates then Rudy does.

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