Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Delegate count games

If you look at the news web sites the delegate counts are off. I mentioned this in an earlier post.

CNN's count is showing pledged delegates, so in my book is accurate. Other places are counting unpledged in their numbers and putting them where they think they will go. Problem with counting unpledged delegates is the numbers will go stray depending on who is counting and who is reporting.

MSNBC is taking ALL of Thompson's, McCain's and Ron Paul's delegates and 5 of Romney's Delegates (these are all pledged BTW) at Iowa and putting them in Huckabee's bucket. Other States seem to be correct.

Fox News is reporting Real Clear Politics' numbers. They seem to be shuffling around the unpledged delegates only (unlike MSNBC who is stripping pledged delegates).

If you look at pledged or shuffle around unpledged then Romney is in the lead for the GOP. It's only if you start stripping pledged that Huck is in the lead.

Michigan Primary today. Results this evening sometime.

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