Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida dropouts

Well looks like McCain takes Florida on the GOP side putting him out in front. Who would have thought months ago when McCain was thinking about dropping out due to campaign financial problems (that CFR has gotta hurt) that he would be on top going into Super Tuesday.

There has been mixed reports that independents were voting in the Republican primary though. Not sure if that effects anything but the GOP was supposed to be a closed primary meaning that only registered Republicans could vote. Polls show most independents vote McCain.

Rumor mill today is that Rudy is going to drop out and endorse McCain. I'd say not good for Romney except Rudy doesn't have much support.

Hillary took Florida but since Florida jumped cut ahead in line the DNC stripped the DEM Florida delegates. Hillary of course is trying to get the delegates reinstated...that would put her ahead in pledged delegates. So dirty deeds on both sides.

John Edwards is going to drop out today leaving the DEM race between Hillary and Obama.

Delegate count updated:

GOP (needs 1191)

McCain 95
Romney 67
Huckabee 26
Paul 6

DEM (needs 2025)

Obama 63
Hillary 48

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