Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Primary

Here we go.

Latest GOP polls putting Florida at a dead heat between Romney and McCain. Rudy and Huck tied for third. So far this election cycle the GOP polls have been almost spot on.

Florida is a winner take all State with 57 delegates up for grabs. That means even if a candidate wins by only 1 vote all 57 delegates go to him. Seems Florida is yet again going to be a huge factor in the elections.

I'm not even going to venture a guess on Florida. McCain did get a late surge partially due to his dishonest claim that Romney supported a surrender date in Iraq...McCain's advert left off the next sentence in Romney's interview where Romney point blank said "I would veto any bill that contained time tables for withdrawal."

For Romney's part he has been gaining momentum ever since Fred Thompson dropped out.

If Romney wins he'll probably have the momentum to take Super Tuesday.

If McCain wins that puts McCain ahead but Romney can hold on till at least Super Tuesday.

If Rudy or Huck win then it becomes an even closer three way race.

If anyone but Rudy wins then Rudy is done.

Stay tuned...

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