Monday, February 04, 2008

ABC Blogs Misquote Romney on the NRA.

In this blog article reporter Jake Trapper quotes Mitt Romney in an interview with Glenn Reynolds and Helen Smith as saying

I was pleased that when I ran for Governor that I received the endorsement of the NRA and I hope to receive their support now.

The actual audio can be found here.

The actual quote was

I was pleased that as I ran for governor, I received the support of the NRA and I hope to receive their support now.

Notice the slight word difference. The ACTUAL wording was "support" but ABC Blogs have his wording as "endorsed". Now the words to some people mean the same thing, but they are not the same word.

According to Merriam-Webster "support" means "to promote the interests or cause of"

Endorse means "
to express support or approval of publicly and definitely".

Now the NRA DID support Romney in several occasions. The NRA has NOT endorsed Romney. Romney was speaking the truth.

Some months back Romney did make the mistake of saying "endorsed" instead of "support" and had to clarify. Now with this blatant misquote ABC and several blogs have picked up that Romney claimed "endorsement" again.

Hint to ABC. When you "quote" someone, make sure what you quoted is actually the quote and not put in different words.

Will this matter? No probably not. The people that are hanging on Romney's not 100% pro-gun stance won't care what the difference is. Neither will those that think Romney is a pathological liar.

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