Thursday, February 28, 2008

SB 1441 - was the Idaho CCW on campus bill

Well the State of Idaho has put forth a replacement bill for the Carry on Campus bill.

This bill is SB1441. Basically it reaffirms already existing Idaho code. It also makes it so counties and cities can have their own regulation on discharging (firing) of firearms, but not carrying.

Sounds good except for that this bill originally started to allow students who hold concealed carry permits to carry their guns on campuses by not allowing colleges to make their own gun laws and instead following State laws.

The new bill instead specifically states that colleges CAN make their own regulations and restrictions:

(c) The authority of the board of regents of the university of Idaho, the boards of trustees of the state colleges and universities, the board of professional-technical education and the boards of trustees of each of the community colleges established under chapter 21, title 33, Idaho Code, to regulate in matters relating to firearms.
Basically this bill now does the opposite of what it was originally designed to do, thanks to the presidents of the Idaho Colleges.


UPDATE: Bill was signed into Idaho Law March 28, 2008. No concealed carry on college campuses unless the school itself allows it (yea good luck with that).

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Anonymous said...

I was Gov. Otter who personally killed the part of the bill that was to allow CC on campuses.