Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gut check

Well Super Tuesday is over. It's late in the day on Wednesday. I waited until later today to post as I wanted to go over California and crunch numbers of upcoming States and possibilities.

McCain is going to be the GOP nominee. That's all there is to it. If Huckabee drops out now it helps McCain. If Romney drops out now it *may* help Huckabee but Huckabee isn't getting the nomination no matter how much help he gets.

If Romney and Huckabee stay in they could force a brokered convention, but that also gives the nomination to McCain as a brokered convention will stay with the establishment (McCain) and if it looks like not then McCain will call in favors.

Thank you Huckabee for giving McCain the nomination.

Now far as I go I don't get to vote until May 27th. I'm not going to vote unless there is a miracle.

The GOP has spoken and they want McCain. Well I don't want the GOP any longer if they want to vote in a back stabber.

I've voted in every election since I turned 18. I'm not voting in this one because I refuse to vote for McCain no matter what. I don't care who McCain's VP pick would be. Anyone running with McCain is just as much of a traitor to the conservative base of the GOP.

Who cares if Hillary or Obama is the Dem nominee. I'd rather the country go to hell under a Democrat than a Republican.

I'm done unless a miracle happens.

Final Delegate count until a nominee is declared:

McCain 680
Romney 270
Huckabee 176
Paul 16

Hillary 818
Obama 730

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