Monday, February 04, 2008

The GSG-5

Taking a break from political commentary.

This month sometime the GSG-5 makes it's debut in the United States. Some lucky people (resellers mostly) already have their hands on this new gun.

Image used without permission from Impact Guns

What is the GSG-5?

The GSG-5 is a ground up rebuild of the HK MP5, the difference is the GSG-5 is chambered for .22LR HV ammo making it legal in pretty much all States including California.

Since it is also a new weapons system it isn't specifically named in various Assault Weapons Bans past and current legislation (HR1022).

Finally the GSG-5 comes in at a VERY attractive price tag of $499. That is more expensive then the ever popular Rugar 10/22, but on a new weapons system the price is great.

The GSG-5 accepts all HK MP5 accessories that are not caliber specific so rails, mounts, sights, lights, slings, stocks, etc etc work on the rifle.

Here is a video review over at YouTube

Did I mention $499.

I'm buying one of these when they become available at retail stores sometime this month.

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