Monday, February 04, 2008

Romney's a Mormon!?

Well I had my first argument at work today with someone about Romney.

The crux of the argument was that I am supporting Romney because he is Mormon and I'm a Mormon.

Well first of all that is not true. His religion makes absolutely NO difference if I am going to vote for him or not.

She said "bullshit". Okay yelled "bullshit" but yelling saying whatever.

I said I didn't know Romney was LDS until sometime after he declared his candidacy.

She said "bullshit". Okay yelled "bullshit" but yelling saying whatever.

She asked...okay declared actually...that I thought Romney's religion was why people were voting for him.

She said his "religious beliefs would play a part in his presidency". I asked exactly what beliefs would disqualify him as being President. She couldn't all. Didn't even have a hem and hah to think about. She just knew he was Mormon and that's bad.

Sigh. Whatever. If you can't get past the religion part of any candidate then I don't want to talk to you.

For reference sake Romney was not my first choice...except when he was the only declared candidate besides Rudy.

Here is the full list, in order, including people that dropped out before the season even started.


Notice from this list Romney is my FOURTH choice overall.

Religion plays absolutely no part in my decision to support Romney at this time and religion has NEVER played a part in my candidate selection. I'm a little bit more politically minded, active, and informed to fall back on the "what's his religion" question.

I don't care.

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