Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Windows Vista is the Ten Plagues of Egypt

Window$ Vista is the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

I purchased two brand new Dell notebook computers yesturday. One for my wife and one for me.

We turned them on, did all the setup stuff, uninstalled Norton (the little Satan), installed AVG Free (I almost decided to pay for their full version I like them so much), installed AD-Aware Free, uninstalled all the AoL and Earthlink crap, and installed Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice.

Then we sat back and marveled at the pretty features of Window$ Vista. And it was good. Then much like the telling of Revelations we slowly discovered that Vista was actually the Anti-Christ and had fooled us.

The notebook computers' processor is twice as fast as our desktops, they have FOUR TIMES as much memory. The notebook computers for all intents and purposes should be running circles around the desktops.

My wife tried to run World of Warcraft and the frame rate was TERRIBLE. Even using synergy was painful as when the mouse was on the client computers it was jumpy and choppy instead of nice and smooth like we were used to. We didn't even bother trying any of our other software (just getting WoW installed on a new computer takes a few hours)

It took pretty much all day (from about 2pm to 10pm) to set up the computers with just the stuff we want and need without all the crap given to us. We decided before going to bed that we were going to have to exorcise Vista from the computers and install our Windows XP in order to get the brand new computers to run to their best performance.

(btw now that I have yet another spare computer I think it's time to mess with Ubuntu or some other Linux flavor)

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Netalia said...

HA I love it, a bible study and computer chat! I love your how your inovated mind works sweetie!

Yep, love the new lap tops, now...
-wife of domshead